Celebrate Excellence in Filmmaking

Recognizing the Best Independents in the Industry

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Welcome to Ace Film Festival

Discover the best in independent cinema and honor the talented individuals behind it. Join us in recognizing outstanding screenwriters, filmmakers, cast, and crew for their high-quality work. If the Golden Globes, Baftas, and Oscars offer numerous categories to win or get nominated in, then so should film festivals and screenplay contests. We will follow that with over 30 awards.

Celebrating International Filmmaking Excellence

Discover the award-winning short films from around the world in our first season of 2024, showcasing the best in drama, animation, thriller, western, sci-fi genres, and more.



Captivating Film Selections

Inspiring Creators

Best Drama Short

Wang Wang – NEVER Winner (China)

Mohamed Nazi – THE VOICE OF DOGS Winner (Iran)

Sajjad Abdollahi – THE ARCHIVE – Honorable Mention Winner (Iran)

Best Animated Short

Maria Murer -THE BERTA CLOUD LEGEND Winner (Brazil)

Best Psychological Thriller short

Serkan Aktas -MIRRORTY Winner (Turkey)

Best Western Short

Manuel Olaya Jose Munoz –TWO BULLETS FOR THE DEVIL Winner (Spain)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Justin Kruse - IMMINENT ARRIVAL Winner (USA)

Best Nature/Wildlife Documentary Short

Apurva Raj – WILDLIFE OF INDIA 2023 Winner (India)

Best Experimental/Film Noire Short

Dmitri Frolov – DREAMS OF THE PAST Winner (Russia)

Best Ole’ Style Silent Short

Serkan Aktas - LUCKY COIN! – Winner (Turkey)

Best Modern History Documentary Feature


In addition to the winning film genre categories, which all received winner certificates we also had various individual and technical awards which were sent out with winning certificates in 35 categories as well as finalists and semi-finalists for those that our judges deemed earned it.

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black digital video camera

About Us

Ace Film Festival functions as an independent online awards event. Submissions are reviewed, graded privately and not screened in public; though in the future if we grow, perhaps public screenings, virtual or in person will occur. In the meantime, we will not in any way display your materials, except for a poster, screenshot, and/or trailer posted on our website or social media accounts, because we do not want to jeopardize your premier and/or distribution status.

We comprehend some festivals have a selective range in taste and play it close to the vest, making it hard to swim in a contest, when you can’t see what’s in the water. At this festival we have a very broad range of taste: Action, Adventure, Animation, Avant-Garde, Claymation, Comedy, Crime, Dance, Drama, Dramedy, Documentary, Drone Media, Environmental, Epic, Experimental, Faith-Based, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Noir, Romantic Comedy, Science-Fiction, Stop-Motion, Suspense, Thriller, War, Western, or Wildlife.

Making any movie is a challenge and we want to help your film with the notoriety and accolades you and your film deserve.

And let's not forget

How It Works

Ace Film Festival accepts submissions through the platform of WFCN (World Film Communities Network).

Projects that are selected for awards consideration, will be graded 1-5 in the following aspects and judged by personnel that have industry experience. The aspects are:Originality, Resourcefulness, Story/Character Plot/Dialogue, Professionalism & Technical Execution, Artistic Courage, Theme, and Wow Factor.

Winners will be announced and listed on our website.

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About Ace Film Festival

Ace Film Festival is a platform that aims to showcase and reward outstanding talent in the film industry. We believe in promoting creativity, innovation, and excellence in filmmaking. Our mission is to provide a platform for emerging and established filmmakers to gain recognition and exposure for their work.


Jason Anthony Fisher is a studio-sold and optioned screenwriter and a multi-nominated, and award-winning writer/director/producer. He has devoted time to the craft of screenwriting and developing in a range of genres. He also knows the sweat equity required in making projects and wants to help with providing opportunities for others. Feel free to check out his IMDb link https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2659780/?ref_=hm_rvi_nm_t_2

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